Monday, June 07, 2010

Medical professionals: A better way, please?

I walk into a neurologist's office for a test to help determine how bad my Carpal Tunnel Syndrome has gotten--and am handed 12 pages of forms to complete! In all seriousness, I'm certainly not the only person in the world with hand problems. Can't information be obtained in a manner that doesn't contribute to the very condition being investigated?

For the record, the doctor was obnoxious, refusing to answer my "are we done yet?" questions--he finally explained that the test changed on a patient-by-patient basis, which he should have said in the first place--and failing to warn me before placing particularly painful needles (as my previous doctor had done). Medical professionals are not excused from sensitivity.

The nurse was much more considerate. When I complained that, if I finished filling out all those forms, I might have trouble writing at work, she let me answer the questions orally while she herself completed the forms. Bless her for her kindness.


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